Vacation in National Parks Part II

Light gray glaze colored cherub sitting on a shell shape surrounding a fish head that was a fountain. Surrounding tile is a blue green color

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas:  The town of Hot Springs, Arkansas holds bathhouses that were built in 1915.  They still have their original architecture- beautiful stained glass ceilings, statues, and fountains. You can even take a hot spring bath in one of them! The town is very charming full of gift shops, B&Bs and scenic mountain roadways, making it a peaceful southern get away. Protip: Don’t go in the summer, it’s far too hot to be enjoyable-stick to fall and spring if possible.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming: This park, located next to Yellowstone National Park, is a gorgeous attraction that may get lost in the former park’s historic and international fame. But they are just as  gorgeous and possibly the better vacation destination because of their relative obscurity. With less people to crowd with while seeing the sites, you are more likely to get that wilderness feel.  The lakes in front of the mountains are gorgeous- I suggest going on a hike along one of the shores, a boat ride across and then a short (or long depending on your ambition) walk up one of the mountains. There are back country trails, horseback riding, boat docks, skiing in winter. There is no shortage of wildlife that is readily visible and plenty of gorgeous wildflowers- add mountain vistas and this is a photographer’s paradise.

Waterton National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada: Founded in 1895 it shares its boarder with its sister park Glacier National Park in the United States as Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. The landscape is a continuation of the beauty of Glacier- mountains, fields, and forests. The Prince Edward hotel is worth checking out and taking a boat ride across the lake that Glacier and Waterton share is a must. My family and I took a horseback ride where we forded across a river on the horses and went up the mountain a ways, and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.


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