Bridezillas and Reality TV Wedding Shows

bride of frankenstein marge cackling bats coming out of hair

Bridezillas and Reality TV Wedding Shows

There are a few style changes from editing on this one that I’ll point out really quickly: (it sounds good both ways but I think my preference makes it sound more “me” like) 

#1 makes more sense like this- 

  1. You are a confused lost non-assertive fuzzy animal bride

Typical fuzzy animal bride scenarios go something like this Oh NO!  Can’t Find the Perfect Dress! so the bridal salon people must rescue them by finding them the dress that will outshine everyone else and validate everything in the bride’s life up to this point.  It’s impossible that I may be compromising to be a loving person- I am obviously an unassertive fluffy bunny so everyone else must tell my AWFUL awful sister/mother/fiancé my needs.  Or maybe even speak for me. “

point #2 is missing my (endearing) colorful language- 

.       You are a fucking monster from the Black Lagoon Bride:You have decided that no one else’s opinion matters on your big day, you are polite and carry out your own plans.  You need no help, you’ve got this shit. 

so yeah. weddings feminism and diversity weeeeeee

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