AmeriCorps VISTA interlude

july 2013 183

I finished my VAD project today! A VAD (for those who don’t know) is a plan or project of service that a VISTA follows through their service year. It’s the goal that their organization wants them to accomplish or start. It involves bringing together resources, creating materials, writing grants, or bringing in volunteers. Mine was focused on college going culture, which is really important in the low income public schools I’m working in. At any rate, I finished my project today!

What I did was compile a bunch of information (mostly pictures) related to all of the state colleges and universities the students can go to when they graduate from high school into a publisher document that is essentially a look-book. I made it elementary student appropriate and I also included some of the worksheets I made for working with my fifth grade college club. I printed it off in color and I won’t lie, it looks pretty fabulous. It is going to go in a giant binder with a bunch of the informational fliers I’ve gotten from state colleges themselves and the binder is going to go into the school’s library. Teachers and students will be able to check it out, use it and make copies for lesson plans and projects. I love the idea that it will still be around, even after I stop working at the school.

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