Education and Career To Do list

My VISTA service will be finished in 3 months and 27 days, so it’s time to start the career/education to do list back up again.

  1. study for the math portion and then retake the GRE
  2. JOB SEARCH! My current city, my current organization, as well as jobs in other cities in Michigan, lab jobs, non profit jobs, office jobs, and if I have to, another AmeriCorps VISTA position.
  3. Application for the Masters in Evaluation- which means getting letters of recommendation, writing 2-4 pages about the degree, and getting all my transcripts sent in.
  4. get all of my letters of rec off of interfolio
  5. keep up with coursera ( I finished Intro to Social Epidemiology and am now starting on Case Based Introduction to Biostatistics) and practicing my Spanish on duolingo and Rosetta stone
  6. Keep reading public health related books
  7. keep writing on this blog! (:

That’s all I can think of for now. At any rate, this has been an update.

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