Update: Career/School

So. Things I Have Been Up To.
1. wrote an article about the science of perfume. Hopefully feminspire will publish it, but if not I can always post it here.
2. Decided to actually make the plunge and apply to grad school for journalism when the time rolls around. I suppose that time could be now, but I honestly don’t feel prepared for it at all. so we’ll give it time.
3. signed up for a grad class at WMU. it’s in evaluation, measurement and research, which involves statistics, so I think it’ll be beneficial no matter what I end up going to grad school for.
4.the GRE is going to be the crux of all of my applications. I know I can write good letters of intent, I know that I have done well enough with my GPA and my letters of rec will be good. But the GRE is the one thing they can point to that is not competitive enough. So I really have to be hard on myself and make a definite improvement.