Trolls! Celebrities! Shout Outs!


Hi ho there friends!

So a few things I am excited about/are relevant.

1. My punk pop rock goddess idol Kate Nash, started following me on tumblr AND twitter yesterday!!!!!! I happened to catch her tweet about follow backs and I jumped on that like a cat off a hot tin roof! I am so pleased!

2. I have been getting more than one shout out here on wordpress for my Male Birth Control article on feminspire. Today I got a lovely shout out from earlybirdcatchestheworm ❤ I’m really happy that so many people enjoy it, and found it interesting. Apparently it has something like 22,000 shares on facebook now? lord almighty, I don’t even know how that happened. I’m also on a reddit thread about wanting to remain childless and I think people enjoyed it pretty well there too!

2.5 That being said, I haven’t read the comments, but I know there are a lot of mean and nasty trolls and MRAs commenting on that article and I am trying to not think too much about it. However, I have been googling myself, trying to make sure that my personal information (besides my linked in  and work related articles) are not readily available to anyone who’s looking for me with bad intentions. I’m not gonna back down from my opinions, but I’m not gonna be foolhardy either. 

I will admit, I didn’t think that my male birth control article would be as successful as it was, mainly because it’s a lot more snarky than my usual writing. The article sounds more like me when I’m throwing a fit over the patriarchy with my close friends.  And maybe that’s not a bad thing. I often find myself hiding behind a milder “public” image I’ve created for myself that doesn’t necessarily reveal what I’m like on the inside- maybe this article is the first step to coming out of hiding.

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