Teaching Biology

I have taught now for both Anatomy and Physiology. And it’s possible I will be teaching a Bio 100 class this summer. Bio 100 is a basic biology class that reviews high school biology for non science majors. I think this will be a great experience for me because it will force me to simplify the complex ideas that I have understood for a long time, and put them into language that most people can understand. If I ever want to write a book about science that’s for a larger group of people, I’d have to start in this mindset.

Currently the syllabus outlines five important areas of Biology instruction for this class:

1. Life’s Chemical Basis: Molecules of Life and Cell Structure

2. Evidence of Evolution (this may be tricky for the class I’m teaching because of demographics of students and I’ll actually have to avoid using the word evolution initially so that I don’t turn them off the subject entirely.) Processes of Evolution, Population Ecology, Community Ecology, and Ecosystems

3. Ground Rules of Metabolism of Plant and Animal cells- Photosynthesis and How Cells Make Energy

4. DNA structure and Function- DNA to Protein and then control over genes

5. How Cells Reproduce- Meiosis, Human Inheritance

and a little tangent into Biotechnology…

I’ll try and maybe start doing little posts related to this stuff as the summer continues. It’s a good prompt for my writing at any rate. Sometimes it’s hard to get ideas for writing science stuff. Or more specifically, narrow down all of the ideas I have to one topic.

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