#LikeAGirl: What young girls teach me about the woman I want to be

Fit and Feminist


This past Sunday, I did as I often do, which is get up at an obscenely early hour and drive to the site of a race.  Except this time I wasn’t competing; I was volunteering.  But even if I had wanted to compete, I wouldn’t have been able to, as we were volunteering at a youth triathlon.

The opportunity for volunteerism came about because Brian and I have recently gotten involved with a local running and triathlon team, and part of our responsibilities as members of the team is to volunteer for at least two events sponsored by the team.  The youth triathlon was being held about five minutes away from home, and really, who can resist the lure of watching hundreds of little kids run around a soccer field and pedal furiously on bikes equipped with training wheels?  Volunteering at a youth triathlon seemed like a total no-brainer.


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