Moving away from the cult of the body in 2014

Fit and Feminist

In recent years, I’ve made a habit of spending the last several days of the year engaged in a sort of psychological reset, which is basically a fancy way of saying I spend my time relaxing and thinking about things.  I haven’t normally made resolutions because I’ve found that making resolutions on Jan. 1 – particularly specific ones like “write an hour every day” or “keep a daily journal” – is usually a solid way to ensure I keep said resolution for an average of about 11.7 days.

Instead, I spent some time making lists of goals I’d like to accomplish for the upcoming year.  Some of those goals are athletic, and I will write about them later. Some of them are creative, like figuring out how to produce a podcast and writing a new zine.  Others are personal, like learning to cook more vegetarian meals and converting the spare…

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