Ebola as an Epidemiology Student

Student Life


That squiggly blue line in a sea of red…the little virus that has the world in uproar…you’ve heard about it…the mysterious and deadly Ebola virus!

about-ebola(picture from CDC)

This year’s Ebola epidemic has been one of the deadliest and largest in history, and as a first year Epidemiology student, there is almost nothing else that we talk about with such fervor and intrigue. On the other hand, because I’m in public health, the questions that I have received directly from family and friends, or indirectly from wild, hysterical posts on social media, have made me think seriously about the effect the media has on all of us….

So today I present you with the facts about Ebola. There is absolutely no reason for chaos, panic, fear and/or hostility for people dying of Ebola in America. We have the resources to deal with the virus – it is West Africa…

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