My Spell Check doesn’t recognize “Health Informatics”

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My post title reflects microsoft word’s ignorance and also my own ignorance before I came to U of M.  At its most basic, health informatics studies, creates and utilizes technology to monitor, improve and communicate health information. This is a big undertaking and because of that, this field is rapidly expanding in knowledge and opportunities for individuals from a wide array of disciplines to contribute- Epidemiologists, Public Administrators,Information Technologists, Health Behavior specialists and many more.
In my introductory class for Health Informatics our study was as far ranging as the field itself. We studied the use of computers, programs, apps and tools within biomedical research, public health work, medical care, consumer healthcare and the work being done to improve health information infrastructure.

Health informatics in the United States is  rapidly growing partially because of the HITECH act passed by President Obama in 2009. This act provided money to the Department of Health and Human Services…

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