Can I get a Masters in the Internet?

I wrote one of my first pieces on the student blog in a few months- feeling inspired by all of the new bloggers!! 🙂

Student Life

As a second year, it’s crazy to consider how far that I’ve come in my journey of becoming a public health professional, specifically in my time at SPH,and even crazier to think of the time before SPH.  In those ancient days before I came to Ann Arbor and  the School of Public Health I was seriously considering a Masters in Journalism. I have always loved to write and create and share information, and I love doing those things online (and sometimes in print, because who doesn’t like to see their name printed for everyone to see?). So I applied to a Journalism program, to Umich SPH, and other far inferior schools of public health (just kidding, they were all super top notch) I was accepted in to SPH Health Behavior and Health Education program and I couldn’t have been  more thrilled. But the question still lingered, as I think it may have for many of…

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