lack of follow through

So of course, as predicted, I did not follow through and write my own blog post after the last post I made. But! I have been reading a lot more, and I made a craft (a surprise present for my best friend for her birthday- hi Libby )and I have started journaling a little bit more because I keep my notebook in my purse to keep track of my to-do list, and I usually end up writing my thoughts if I feel like it’s pressing. I also did my pin up photo shoot, which is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a really really long time, and that’s a good feeling. It also is a form of art I think, even if it’s someone else’s art.

I can’t decide if I would rather write a book review about books I’ve read or if I would rather make a youtube video? Maybe I should do a video. It feels more cathartic to me to speak about the things I want to speak about. and maybe I can stop tormenting my dog and boyfriend who both agree with me, and speak out into the universe and join into The Dialogue or Discourse or whatever.

I’ve turned my facebook page for this blog into a solely anti-trump page. and given some of the posting abilities to my friends. but honestly my facebook wall has turned into a place where I share anti cheeto fuhrer shit because it’s fucking everywhere. So maybe sometime thebiobabe fb page  will switch back to a promo for this blog/extension of this blog.

My new goals, creatively, are to do a podcast and to try stand up. These are lofty goals, and potentially too far away. but I can start making small steps towards them. Maybe I will attempt to podcast my book reviews instead of doing a youtube video. It might make it easier to churn them out rather than the lengthy process of video editing.

Stand up and a podcast are not too different from what I can tell. You have to have a unique perspective, you have to be yourself and speak in a thoughtful way, even if in comedy it may have silly delivery. My boyfriend, sister and my friends are really into podcasts, and I love Welcome to Night Vale, and enjoyed Serial. I’ve also always loved movies so I’m sure I can draw upon their experiences and my own to make something worth listening to. I’ve also watched a lot of comedy, and maybe that’s not the only thing it takes to be funny, but I can give it a shot.

Another bucket list goal of course is a hot air balloon ride, so I will keep you all updated on that adventure as well.


My sweet pup 


One of my pin up pics that I haven’t posted yet. 


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