I’m podcasting now!

I started a podcast under a pseudonym with my sister and best friend.

AND I just had my trimonthly realization that I consider myself a writer and I’m never writing so I am clearly a poser at this point and time.

Check my podcast out on itunes, soundcloud, podbean, podcast addict, and facebook, twitter and tumblr.

We’re called “The Triple Hoax”

Our two episodes concern “ghosts and ghost hunting”, and “flat earthers”


lack of follow through

So of course, as predicted, I did not follow through and write my own blog post after the last post I made. But! I have been reading a lot more, and I made a craft (a surprise present for my best friend for her birthday- hi Libby )and I have started journaling a little bit more because I keep my notebook in my purse to keep track of my to-do list, and I usually end up writing my thoughts if I feel like it’s pressing. I also did my pin up photo shoot, which is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a really really long time, and that’s a good feeling. It also is a form of art I think, even if it’s someone else’s art.

I can’t decide if I would rather write a book review about books I’ve read or if I would rather make a youtube video? Maybe I should do a video. It feels more cathartic to me to speak about the things I want to speak about. and maybe I can stop tormenting my dog and boyfriend who both agree with me, and speak out into the universe and join into The Dialogue or Discourse or whatever.

I’ve turned my facebook page for this blog into a solely anti-trump page. and given some of the posting abilities to my friends. but honestly my facebook wall has turned into a place where I share anti cheeto fuhrer shit because it’s fucking everywhere. So maybe sometime thebiobabe fb page  will switch back to a promo for this blog/extension of this blog.

My new goals, creatively, are to do a podcast and to try stand up. These are lofty goals, and potentially too far away. but I can start making small steps towards them. Maybe I will attempt to podcast my book reviews instead of doing a youtube video. It might make it easier to churn them out rather than the lengthy process of video editing.

Stand up and a podcast are not too different from what I can tell. You have to have a unique perspective, you have to be yourself and speak in a thoughtful way, even if in comedy it may have silly delivery. My boyfriend, sister and my friends are really into podcasts, and I love Welcome to Night Vale, and enjoyed Serial. I’ve also always loved movies so I’m sure I can draw upon their experiences and my own to make something worth listening to. I’ve also watched a lot of comedy, and maybe that’s not the only thing it takes to be funny, but I can give it a shot.

Another bucket list goal of course is a hot air balloon ride, so I will keep you all updated on that adventure as well.


My sweet pup 


One of my pin up pics that I haven’t posted yet. 

creating something new

As someone who has a lot of ideas, but low levels of follow-through, you can understand why most of my work on the internet (if you’ve been here since I started my tumblr in 2010) is editing of others’ work, or reblogging/highlighting the work of others.

Putting together my own work when I know a lot of people might read it or important people might read it, legitimately makes my eyeballs sweat.
Mostly because I hate being criticized. I don’t really know anyone who loves being criticized but I have also never made it to the land of “oh criticism makes you a better creator, it helps you grow blah blah blah”. I am still firmly in the camp of “criticism is a blow to my self esteem”

I think it partially may have to do with the lack of projects in my life that give me pure instant gratification,that build up my good feelings and sense of accomplishment without letdown. So now that I am done with grad school, which was the ultimate 2 year criticism of my abilities, and have free time, I am going to try to throw myself into hobbies that give me the kind of boost I’m looking for.
I am going to try my hardest and push myself to generate something new of mine once a week, whether that’s a craft, or a blog post or a video blog, or finishing a book.
I will try to make this an actual pact with myself, and maybe publishing it here will give me that oompff

The Torment of Writing

I wrote this for my school’s blog,( that I am still managing as a temp) and thought it’d be a relevant reblog

Student Life

Op-Ed on The Michigan Daily  This is an Op-Ed I wrote for the Michigan Daily that recently got published. I think the best way to describe it is “Oh she went there”.

As a collective whole, we have all decided that graduation is a time for people to look back on their lives up to this point and their time in school. I’m not arguing against it, but I also am conscious of the fact that endings are usually beginnings, and that most work is an ongoing process that is never done except for when it’s done. (like, ~death~, which- yikes!)  So I thought that this blog would be an appropriate place  to talk about a few things from my time at the School of Public Health.  I have gotten a specialization in Health Communication, worked  for the Media and Communications Office, written for the SPH student blog, written for the PHAST…

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I want nothing to do with politicians. Their hearts wither away and die out of their bodies (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

March 15th.–I pray that in one year more I may find some way of escaping from this unblest Custom House; for it is a very grievous thraldom. I do detest all offices,–all, at least, that…

Source: I want nothing to do with politicians. Their hearts wither away and die out of their bodies (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

the learning process- discomfort & challenge

Having teachers as parents or parents who are teachers has made me a lifelong student. this is something that I have used in more than one of my college application essays or pieces that I have written to join clubs or organizations. And it’s true. The one thing that my parents did not seem to shake me out of, despite their best efforts, is my desire to hold on to a concrete view of the world, to relentlessly hold on to things as I see them.

Now, some beliefs-like my belief that there is a lot of injustice and terrible treatment present in the world at large- have largely been grounded in evidence and general consensus by the sensible powers that be. Whether that be scholars or policy makers or my teachers or my educated peers. The problem with my desire to hold on to my own viewpoint is that I’ve fallen prey to political rhetoric or cultural rhetoric more than I care to admit. And while mental self flagellation is one of my favorite hobbies (I blame depression and Catholicism on that account) it’s true that I often do not dig deeper in my mistaken beliefs about the world, unless it’s more directly connected to my day to day life. I think I’m not alone in this. I want to be involved in the process that creates health policy in this country. i want to improve individuals’ health through the organizations I work with- either by direct health interventions or through work within the government or both. This means I am on a steep learning curve. There are peers of mine ( @wryan is always my go to- go listen to him he thinks smart things about politics) who have been educated about policy in their schooling, or by virtue of their jobs, for far longer than I have been. What exactly does this have to do with world view and learning? Well I have a tendency to open my big mouth more frequently than is probably necessary in a given setting, and if I have no clue what I’m talking about, or simply repeating inaccurate political rhetoric, then there I am, a complete jackass in comparison to those around me.

(This happens in grad school constantly btw- you are in a room where you are all supposed to be learning, but there’s already people who know more than you do, right off the bat, that have had more learning opportunities than you have, and have no problem making sure you know that they know, so then you feel dumb, even if you’re all supposed to be learning.)

From what I can gather the policy environment is a large game of grad school- you want to be the savviest and smartest person in the room. And when you open your mouth you better know what you’re talking about.

My learning style is essentially trial by fire- I will continue to talk until you tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about or you tell me to hush. And that can be an extremely uncomfortable way to learn, and especially in a classroom with  political science professors. I have no problem with being wrong, but the ostracizing feeling of being “the dumb one” in class is something I’ve always been afraid of.  But if I can make it through the discomfort I had when learning about my privilege and the prejudices inherent in my feminism and view of individuals who suffer from the -isms, I have to believe I can unlearn the rhetoric I have learned surrounding politics and political parties.

cross your fingers for me.