creating something new

As someone who has a lot of ideas, but low levels of follow-through, you can understand why most of my work on the internet (if you’ve been here since I started my tumblr in 2010) is editing of others’ work, or reblogging/highlighting the work of others.

Putting together my own work when I know a lot of people might read it or important people might read it, legitimately makes my eyeballs sweat.
Mostly because I hate being criticized. I don’t really know anyone who loves being criticized but I have also never made it to the land of “oh criticism makes you a better creator, it helps you grow blah blah blah”. I am still firmly in the camp of “criticism is a blow to my self esteem”

I think it partially may have to do with the lack of projects in my life that give me pure instant gratification,that build up my good feelings and sense of accomplishment without letdown. So now that I am done with grad school, which was the ultimate 2 year criticism of my abilities, and have free time, I am going to try to throw myself into hobbies that give me the kind of boost I’m looking for.
I am going to try my hardest and push myself to generate something new of mine once a week, whether that’s a craft, or a blog post or a video blog, or finishing a book.
I will try to make this an actual pact with myself, and maybe publishing it here will give me that oompff


I’m baaaack

I haven’t posted on my wordpress in ages, but I’m going to try and get back in the swing of things and write on it more often.
Science/ Public Health things as of late:
I’m reading Sex in History by Reay Tannahill (still! I have been reading this for months now!) and it’s fascinating. I’ll have to pick some of my favorite lines out of it and post them on here.
Health: I’ve started teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology. This week in Anatomy we learned about the skin which is actually referred to as the Integumentary system. The system consists of all of your body hair, nails, and the skin itself. I may link you all to some of my Prezis and post my more interesting powerpoint slides.

Writing things: I’ve been asked to write for a new site called Chic Chatt. It’s pretty exciting!
I may try to write something new for Feminspire, although it’s been a while. If what I write doesn’t get posted, I’ll post it on here.

Well that’s all for now. Hope you all are well!

Trolls! Celebrities! Shout Outs!


Hi ho there friends!

So a few things I am excited about/are relevant.

1. My punk pop rock goddess idol Kate Nash, started following me on tumblr AND twitter yesterday!!!!!! I happened to catch her tweet about follow backs and I jumped on that like a cat off a hot tin roof! I am so pleased!

2. I have been getting more than one shout out here on wordpress for my Male Birth Control article on feminspire. Today I got a lovely shout out from earlybirdcatchestheworm ❤ I’m really happy that so many people enjoy it, and found it interesting. Apparently it has something like 22,000 shares on facebook now? lord almighty, I don’t even know how that happened. I’m also on a reddit thread about wanting to remain childless and I think people enjoyed it pretty well there too!

2.5 That being said, I haven’t read the comments, but I know there are a lot of mean and nasty trolls and MRAs commenting on that article and I am trying to not think too much about it. However, I have been googling myself, trying to make sure that my personal information (besides my linked in  and work related articles) are not readily available to anyone who’s looking for me with bad intentions. I’m not gonna back down from my opinions, but I’m not gonna be foolhardy either. 

I will admit, I didn’t think that my male birth control article would be as successful as it was, mainly because it’s a lot more snarky than my usual writing. The article sounds more like me when I’m throwing a fit over the patriarchy with my close friends.  And maybe that’s not a bad thing. I often find myself hiding behind a milder “public” image I’ve created for myself that doesn’t necessarily reveal what I’m like on the inside- maybe this article is the first step to coming out of hiding.

Update: Career/School

So. Things I Have Been Up To.
1. wrote an article about the science of perfume. Hopefully feminspire will publish it, but if not I can always post it here.
2. Decided to actually make the plunge and apply to grad school for journalism when the time rolls around. I suppose that time could be now, but I honestly don’t feel prepared for it at all. so we’ll give it time.
3. signed up for a grad class at WMU. it’s in evaluation, measurement and research, which involves statistics, so I think it’ll be beneficial no matter what I end up going to grad school for.
4.the GRE is going to be the crux of all of my applications. I know I can write good letters of intent, I know that I have done well enough with my GPA and my letters of rec will be good. But the GRE is the one thing they can point to that is not competitive enough. So I really have to be hard on myself and make a definite improvement.


I’ve completed my Social Epidemiology course on Coursera, and moved into “Case Based Introduction to Biostatistics”. I’ll probably write more about my adventures in Social EPI (I was really inspired by it) but now I’ll try and jot a couple notes down from the Biostats course as well.